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I am really particular about who and what I read. Romance novels usually get the “eye roll” but let’s face it, it usually where we get the most, uh…,  ‘satisfaction‘ from our ‘relationships’. 

Not saying the love of your life doesn’t do it for you, but romance novels are all about the females and her needs. Most, not all, are usually written by women, for women. Women know what I am talking about. 

But, even that’s usually not enough to keep me a loyal reader, cause once I’ve figured out the author’s “formula”, the books no longer “hold” my attention… But, I must admit, my 3 favorite authors (not including Shakespeare, who is  my favorite), have maintained my loyalty for years. And, until the next book is published, I am usually re-reading all of the previous novels that I’ve already read a dozen times. Doesn’t matter… 

As with most readers “of an age”, I started out with paperbacks… I own hundreds of paperbacks and I would carry complete series (or published so far) around in my backpack, just in case I had ten or twenty minutes to sit and read. And, let me tell you, it wasn’t always easy…

In my neighborhood, reading was “frowned upon”, meaning if it was a beautiful day out, everyone always wondered why I wasn’t playing with the other kids, instead of sitting under a tree and reading… Luckily, my grandmother was a teacher and read often, so were my parents, but I spent the majority of my time with my grandparents, reading books. 

Now, about my Authors:

Right now my current favorite authors are: Nalini Singh, D.B. Reynolds and Christine Feehan

You can’t miss with these authors. You’ve got SOLID world-building with fleshed out characters with “quirks”, like you’d see in people every day. I have a particular penchant for all things “vampire” [uh, LONG BEFORE they ‘sparkled’]. But, these vampires aren’t your typical and have kept this “cynical” lover quite satisfied with each introduction to their world. 

I will add additional authors, as they “catch” me, but right now, I have MUCH to say about my current authors. More pages will be added but all things Nalini, DB and Christine will be focused on… for now!

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